Events Photoshoot

If you are planning an event and you want it to be covered by a photographer, then, you’ve landed on the right page!

I am a professional photographer with a passion for making sure that I provide you with the best services while remaining in your budget. I offer you to keep the party spirit alive in the party albums by capturing the perfect images for you. I make sure to document each and every moment of the event to perfection! And that’s my promise!

Winsley Media Photography specializes in shooting and capturing images of the different events of your life. The event could be anything- a corporate event, or your daughter’s wedding event. I have it all covered for you.

I have years of experience in event photography. I’ve worked with individuals, companies, schools, and different charity events in the past. I have covered both, small-scale and large-scale events successfully.

Corporate Events!

Are you organizing a corporate event of a large scale, and want images that speak for themselves?

I have been shooting corporate event photography for many years now. I offer targeted commercial images for you to help you brand and market your event as well. Taken from the different angles of your business, and products, I can produce eye-catching images for your websites and other promotional materials.


When your kid is graduating, you are too excited to celebrate and capture the moments all at once! Leave the memories to me! I offer to capture some of the best images of your son for you. A photo of him while accepting the certificate, a photo of him with you, a photo of him throwing his graduation cap in the air. Everything to make this occasion more special!


I strongly believe that the wedding photography is much more than only taking photos. I will help you and your spouse through the wedding shoot. I will make sure you both look the best in all the images. I always look for natural moments and realistic interactions between the couple, and when I find one, I capture that image in my camera.

Why Me?

I always listen to what my client needs. I ask them questions to understand better. They talk, I listen- in short, it is a collaborative effort from both the ends. To know more, call me,  I am looking forward to covering your event.

I believe in respecting my client’s time and I can offer you a top-class experience of with the results on time.

What’s More?

  1. I will provide you with edited and high-resolution images
  2. You will have full rights on the images- print them, upload them, do anything with them because they are yours!
  3. I will create an online gallery of your event. This will allow you to share them with your loved ones easily.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let me create a personalized photographic collage for you.

Call me now to know more, or to receive a free quote!